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Career Opportunities
Lysatiq is not a typical company — and we do not intend to become one. While being small, bright, and beautiful, our company has a solid and outstanding position within its competence focus. And even while intending to grow significantly during the coming years, we aim at preserving the typical small company spirit also for our future.

We truly believe — we actually know — that every team member has important input and is an integral part to a projects and the overall companies success.

Therefore we are continuously searching for new colleagues to enlarge our team.

Current Offerings
We are currently focussing on the following employment offerings:
  1. Software Engineer
    (Programming and System Design)
    read more... (detailed description in German only)

  2. Senior Software Architect
    read more... (detailed description in German only)
And as employee with student worker status:
  1. Student Worker
    (Programming, Quality Assurance)
    read more... (detailed description in German only)

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